Looking for a packaging solution for your grooving tool holders, lancing blades, grooving tool adapters, and systems for grooving? Packaging that not only reliably protects your grooving tools from damage, but also prevents painful injuries to their users? Then you need to talk to us! No matter what kind of parting and grooving tools you need packaging for – with over 4,000 different types of plastic packaging, we’ve have the perfect packaging for you.

Protecting delicate grooving tools during transportation and storage can be a major problem, as these high-quality instruments are all too easily damaged. Secure packaging is therefore essential! Our plastic packaging effectively protects your parting and grooving tools against mechanical impacts, moisture, and dirt.
In addition, our packaging for parting and grooving tools also stands out thanks to its functional ergonomics and easy handling. The benefits are clear as soon as you start filling it with your products. Or rather, hopefully you won’t notice, which is kind of the point! Because our packaging solutions are designed to be faster and easier to fill than the competition. Still need convincing? Then why not try before you buy? We’d be happy to send you some sample packaging.

The right packaging for every parting and grooving tool

With over 4,000 different plastic packaging solutions in our standard range, you’re sure to find the ideal packaging for your grooving tool holders, lancing blades, grooving tool adapters, and systems for parting off. For example, one of our robust packaging tubes, such as our TwistPack Plus, TwistPack, or QuadroPack. Or one of the sturdy plastic cases in our RoseCase ProTec or RoseCase ErgoLine product lines. Naturally, we can also supply the matching protective foam pads.